Chef Isla’s Delicious Day Out

Isla loves nothing more than to bake and dreams of being a chef when she grows up. Isla has intestinal failure which means she can’t eat or drink and is fed intravenously through a central line to the main artery of her heart. Despite not being able to eat, Isla hasn’t stopped wanting to be a chef.

With the help of Peter Joyner, Food Development Director at Elior UK, The Royal Institution in Mayfair, and John Williams, executive chef at The Ritz, we granted Isla’s wish in true style.

Isla’s wish started at The Royal Institution in Mayfair, where Isla and her brother Jack were presented with their personalised chef whites – bearing the Starlight, Elior and The Ritz logos.

After rolling truffles, making chocolate lollipops and baking and decorating cupcakes, Isla and her family were whisked away in a Rolls-Royce to The Ritz.

When they arrived at The Ritz, Isla and her family were treated like old friends and given a private tour of the kitchens. They met John Williams MBE, who has been the Executive Chef at The Ritz for 12 years. He tasted the cupcakes Isla baked and declared them delicious!

I don’t even know where to begin. The whole time we were there, we felt so special. We hardly ever get to spend time together as a family and for the first time in I don’t know how many years I have a photo of all of us together outside the hospital environment.
– Ashlee, Isla’s mum

If you’re inspired by Isla’s story, sign up to hold a Starlight Cake Bake and help us ‘Whisk up a Wish’ for more children like Isla. When you sign up, you’ll get a delicious fundraising pack complete with Isla’s recipe for her frosted pink cupcakes!