Christopher’s huge flat screen TV

christopher and albert

christopher and albertA huge flat screen TV would be a dream for most teenage boys, but for 17 year old Christopher, it is a lifeline – a way to stay in touch with his friends.

Before his diagnosis with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Christopher was a keen sportsman with his eye on the 2016 Olympics. His dreams were shattered when he developed avascular necrosis (dead bone disease) in his hips, knees and shoulder, a side effect of the cancer treatment. Now largely confined to a wheelchair, he will need joint replacements when he finishes chemotherapy in 2012.

Christopher can’t get out much to see his friends so he now socialises with them over the internet. The 47″ flat screen means he can play games with his friends online and watch films in comfort.

Marks & Spencer Marble Arch were only too keen to help when they heard Christopher’s story. They decided that along with the LG TV, he would need a Blu-ray home cinema system and a visit from technical expert Albert to help Christopher install all the kit for maximum enjoyment!

His mum and dad wrote to thank Starlight and said: “You have managed to give a young man years of sunshine in what has been 20 months of gloom.”