Connor’s Safari

Connor, who battled leukaemia for four years, has just come back from his dream trip-of-a-lifetime to go on safari in Africa. Starlight organised an animal-packed week to Kenya for Connor, his mum and his nan.

Connor said: “Starlight gave me the safari of a lifetime — it was absolutely brilliant. I saw every animal, from hippos and giraffes to zebras and rare snake elephants, which are gentle, yet feisty and very clever. We were so excited and scared at the same time. It was also great to relax and swim at the hotel right next to the hippo pool.”

His mum Carol told us that Connor’s wish gave him a big boost: “It was fantastic. One day he’d love to be back out there working as a ranger! Connor’s wish gave him something exciting to focus on during his treatment, and now he is much better, back at school now and in remission.”