Courtney met his F1 hero

“‘When Lewis walked in the room and said ‘you must be Courtney’, I couldn’t believe it! I kept thinking is this for real?”

For Courtney, who has sickle cell anemia, 2008 was a terrible year; he spent a lot of it in excruciating pain and had to spend most weeks in hospital. His mum said: “Watching your child deteriorate, in pain, not able to walk, is so heartbreaking.”

Starlight was delighted to grant Courtney his greatest wish — the chance to meet his hero Lewis Hamilton at the Monaco Grand Prix.

When Lewis walked in the room, he shook Courtney’s hand and said: “You must be Courtney.” Courtney looked at his mum and then burst into tears of joy. Lewis had half an hour free from his hectic engineering schedule, so Courtney spent the time chatting and joking with his hero.

Afterwards he said:”‘Meeting Lewis Hamilton meant the world to me.”