Damien’s unforgettable racing car experience

Damien was put forward for a wish while he was undergoing treatment for a type of cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome. Damien wished for a racing car experience, so Starlight set about organising one with a bit of extra Starlight sparkle.

On his wish day, Damien had the opportunity to drive around the Silverstone race track, under instruction from a professional driver, in a £120,000 Bentley! However, best of all, he is now one of only a few select people who have been at 270 km/hour in the Le Mans 2003 winning car, the Bentley Speed 8! Damien’s chauffeur for the experience was none other than motor racing driver, Eric van de Poele.

Damien couldn’t quite believe it was happening, and his family said that watching Damien speed off with Eric van de Poele is one memory they will remember and enjoy forever.