Deryn spends a day with the Royal Marines

Looking the part!

Deryn was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in August last year. Since his diagnosis, Deryn has had a lot of treatment and he and his family have faced some challenging times together.

Previously a fit and keen sportsman, Deryn has never let anything get in the way of his desire to get on with things and has amazed everyone who has met him with his ‘matter of fact’ attitude about his illness. Deryn loves everything to do with the forces, particularly the guns and missiles, and therefore it was no surprise that he wanted his wish to ‘be with the best … The Royal Marines.’

Deryn and his family enjoyed every moment of their two day visit to Lympstone. He and his brother Dylan were fully engaged by presentations on the latest weaponry and then had the opportunity to put some of this into practice with a group of Marines. A tour of the camp was another highlight for the boys who loved seeing the Tarzan assault course and had to be restrained from giving it a go themselves!