Dingwall dreams for Tom

Legendary guitarist Mark Knopfler helped grant Tom, who has leukaemia, his greatest wish.

Tom plays the guitar in two bands and wished for a Dingwall guitar — the guitar of choice for many a rock star! When Starlight supporter Mark Knopfler, the lead singer and guitarist of Dire Straits, heard about Tom’s wish, he generously donated the guitar of Tom’s dreams.

Tom’s mum Moira said: “Tom is renowned for his smiles, but I will never forget the one that lit up his face when he held the Dingwall in his hands. It means a lot to him that it was given to him with Mark Knopfler’s help, and he has been playing it non-stop. It has been very hard for him to miss out on so much this last year and playing his guitar is really helping him to get through the trauma of chemotherapy.”