Dog Days for Tegan

Tegan and her fawn pug puppy

Tegan and her fawn pug puppyIn January 2010, thirteen year old Tegan was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  As a result of her condition, Tegan has had to endure lengthy hospital stays and lots of medication.  She has also become partially sighted because of the growth on her pituitary gland, which has been very difficult for her.  

Tegan has always dreamt of owning a fawn pug and Starlight arranged for Tegan to choose her very own puppy from a local breeder.  She fell in love with one puppy in particular and in July she was able to take her new best friend home with her.  

Pugsley, as he has been named, has already settled very happily in to life with Tegan and the teenager and her little pug are already completely inseparable! 

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