Emily’s backstage meet with Ed Sheeran

Meeting Ed was amazing and I was very star struck. Thank you to everyone involved for granting my Starlight Wish.
– Emily

One morning when Emily woke up she mentioned to her mum that she wasn’t feeling well and that her arm wasn’t working properly. She thought that she’d slept on it awkwardly and the next morning felt much better.

But when Emily tried to do her hair she realised something was wrong. She couldn’t move her arm and when she tried to talk her speech was slurred.

She was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a bleed on the brain, and transferred to a specialised Neuro unit. After an MRI, Emily’s parents were told she had, had an arteriovenous malformation, a haemorrhagic stroke.

After spending a couple of days in hospital, Emily’s condition drastically changed and the doctors told her mum that if they didn’t operate then Emily would die.

Emily recovered from the operation well, and continued with her studies, and even started a part time job after school.

During a routine MRI scan in December 2014, doctors discovered a cyst growing above the brain stem. The operation to remove the cyst was a success but after the cyst was removed the cavernoma started bleeding again. She underwent more surgery to stop the bleed.

She was placed on an Intensive Care Unit for six weeks and then moved to a rehabilitation unit until she was finally discharged on 4th June, six months after she went into hospital to remove the cyst. Emily now uses a wheelchair and can’t use her left side.

She has her good days and bad days. All her friends are learning to drive and going on to do apprenticeships, but life’s very different for Emily. She is such a kind girl and has been through so much which is why her Starlight Wish means so much to her.
– Emily’s mum

Emily has spent a lot of time during her treatment listening to music and she loves Ed Sheeran’s melodious genius so when she was referred for a Starlight Wish she knew exactly what she’d ask for… to meet Ed Sheeran and watch him play live.

We arranged for Emily to travel to Birmingham and meet Ed backstage at the Birmingham Barclaycard Arena. When Emily walked into the room to meet Ed, the first thing he said was ‘would you like a hug?’ Emily couldn’t quite believe it!

Ed immediately put Emily at ease and the two chatted away. He signed her vinyl album and posed for photos with Emily. After the meeting, Emily and her parents took their seats to watch Ed perform.