F1 fun at Monaco Grand Prix

Adam’s dad’s eyes filled with tears as his watched his son having the time of his life.

When Adam was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare and aggressive cancer, the doctor told his mum and dad that it was already too late for Adam to be treated — the cancer had spread through his entire body. In desperation, Adam’s parents pleaded that there had to be something… some hope. Adam was put on an untested drug. His chances of survival went up to 5%.

Adam, who also has autism, found out just before the trip to the Monaco Grand Prix that he is now in remission.

Adam’s dad said: “Starlight has made the impossible, possible. On the first day, we thought ‘you can’t beat this’, and then on the second day, we thought ‘you really can’t beat this’. On the last day, we met Jenson Button on the day he won the Monaco Grand Prix. You really can’t beat that!

“It has meant so much to me to see Adam having such a good time. He never comes out of himself like he has this week. I’ve never seen him smile like this before. I think Adam will go back a different child, and I can’t thank Starlight enough.”