Father Christmas teams up with Starlight to grant wishes

Earlier this month, we granted the wishes of 14 children who wished to meet Father Christmas in Lapland. The children and their families joined our eleventh annual wish trip and spent four magical days in snowy Lapland searching for Santa.

Whilst on their quest to find Father Christmas, the families enjoyed a breathtaking ride through the forest on a sleigh pulled by a team of huskies, they rode on snowmobiles and even went for a ride on a reindeer drawn sleigh.

This trip has been one of the most incredible and remarkable experiences Keeva has ever had. It has brought her so much joy and has been a life changing experience for us as a family. Hearing Keeva’s excited laugh echo round the forest while she was on a husky sleigh ride was like nothing else – I wish I could have bottled that moment.
– Andrea, mum of Keeva


They met lots of Father Christmas’ elves along the way who gave them clues to where he might be found. The journey took the children to lots of magical locations, including the elves house and the main post office where the elves produced the letters that the children had sent to Father Christmas. After two days of searching, the families found Father Christmas!


Seeing Finn’s face as he hugged Father Christmas was magical. When Finn was diagnosed with leukaemia on Christmas Eve three years ago, this time of year took on a different meaning for our family. To have the chance to visit Father Christmas has meant the world to all of us, especially Finn. It has been a truly amazing experience and such a special time to spend together. We’ll remember this forever.
– Hannah, mum of Finn