Feeding time at the zoo!

Leah and Gareth

Lunch time!!Life is tough for nine-year-old Leah. Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just one month old, she has to take copious amounts of medication daily, requires physiotherapy twice a day and needs regular visits to the hospital for intravenous antibiotics.

However, Leah and her family were able to forget all of this for a day when Starlight took them on a very special trip to London Zoo. Leah and brother Gareth were able to get extra close and stroke many of the animals, they helped the keepers prepare lunch and made another round of the zoo to feed some of their favourite residents!!

“I just want to thank Starlight for everything they have done” said Leah’s mum, Laura. “One day when she isn’t well and is down, I know we will look back on her photos of her wish and that will help get her through it.”