Ffion meets the lemurs

Ffion adores animals and wished to be a zoo keeper for the day.

We arranged for Ffion and her family to have a penguin feeding experience and the chance to get up close and personal with endangered ring-tailed lemurs at Wingham Wildlife Park.

Ffion loved feeding the penguins their smelly fish and the lemurs their fruity breakfast even when they got a bit too friendly! The lemurs took a liking to Ffion and ended up climbing onto her back!

For Ffion, days like this are a time out from taking medicines and the daily grind of having a medical issue. It’s one of the only times when she gets to relax and enjoy herself. Starlight events are where Ffion comes out the most because she likes being treated normally and she doesn’t feel like she is any different to another child.
— Ffion’s parents