Freddie hangs out with Ali A at Insomnia61

Eleven-year-old Freddie loves playing on his Xbox with his big brother Jay and watching his favourite YouTubers. He would really like to be a YouTuber himself one day!

Last year, Freddie was diagnosed with a brain tumour after being sick in the mornings with excruciating headaches and feeling utterly exhausted.

He was sent to America for proton beam therapy and is now back at school and even playing football on the weekends. Freddie still needs to have brain scans every three months to check his progress.

Freddie wished to meet his favourite YouTuber, Ali A, who vlogs about Call of Duty. We arranged for Freddie and his family to have VIP passes to the Insomnia61 gaming convention in Birmingham where they took part in gaming competitions, drone racing and robot wars!

The event organisers arranged for Freddie and his family to have front row seats at Ali A’s stage show where Ali A competed in various gaming challenges with three other gaming YouTubers, which Freddie really enjoyed watching.

Freddie’s face just lit up when he saw Ali A. He was such a genuine, lovely guy. Freddie couldn’t stop speaking about his wish on the way home and has uploaded the photos of him and Ali A to social media. Having his wish granted made a little boy who has already been through more than most adults very happy indeed!
– Nicki, Freddie’s mum

Freddie was then taken backstage for a private meet and greet with Ali A and his girlfriend, Clare. They spent ten minutes together chatting away and Ali A signed Freddie’s t-shirt and Xbox controller.

Afterwards, Freddie couldn’t control his smile and was the happiest 11-year-old at the whole convention!