Horrid Henry’s Tony Ross helps grant Ben’s book illustrator wish

Ben loves drawing and when he grows up he would like to be a book illustrator. We granted his wish to be a book illustrator for the day and arranged for him to spend a wonderful day with Tony Ross, a celebrated book illustrator and the creator of the Horrid Henry illustrations.

Ben and his family arrived at Tony’s house and were greeted by Tony and his partner Wendy, who were very friendly and welcoming. They gave Ben lots of lovely books, which Tony had specially signed for Ben, and Ben was able to ask Tony some of the questions he had brought with him.

Tony was really chatty and told Ben how he became an illustrator and about some of the different types of drawing that illustrators use.

As a surprise Tony had arranged for Ben to provide a drawing for the next Horrid Henry book and Ben couldn’t believe it when Tony told him what he would be doing that afternoon!

They discussed which illustration Ben would do – a martian! – and Ben set to work on his drawing in Tony’s studio.  Tony gave him lots of tips and guidance and it was a fantastic opportunity for Ben to see how real book illustrators work.

It was an awesome day.  I am really chuffed that my picture will be going into the new Horrid Henry book!  Tony was very nice and spending time with him has made me want to be a book illustrator more than ever when I grow up.” Excerpt: Ben meets Horrid Henry creator and helps him illustrate his newest book.
— Ben