It is a princess party for Erin in Disneyland!

Erin (L) and sister Megan (R) with Mickey Mouse

Megan (L) and Erin Lewsey (R) with Disney princess RapunzelIn April 2011, 5 year old Erin was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumour, which is a form of kidney cancer.  To fight the disease, Erin had to undergo a course of chemotherapy treatment before having a Nephrectomy to remove one of her kidneys.  After surgery, Erin then endured a further course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, which was very unpleasant and meant that she lost her hair.  

Erin is a very girly girl and her mother Esther says “Like all little five year old girls, Erin loves all things princess, fairy and mermaid.  She loves dressing up and she and her sister have a box full of dressing up clothes.” 

For her Starlight wish, Erin asked to meet the princesses in Disneyland Paris.  The charity organised for her and her family to have a very special trip to the park, where they meet all Erin’s favourite Disney characters and even met the princesses!  Afterwards, Erin’s mother said, “Thank you to Starlight for showing both our children that dreams can come true.” 

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