Jamie Oliver invites budding chefs Leila and Sasha for a special evening at Fifteen

Jamie and Leila

Jamie and LeilaAt a special 10th anniversary celebration dinner to commemorate the start of restaurant Fifteen and remember Kevin Boyle, a former apprentice chef, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver invited two of Starlight’s wish children to join him as guests of honour!

Eighteen year old Leila Herandi, who suffers from Hodgkins Lymphoma, and eleven year old Sasha Morris, who has Osteosarcoma, are both very keen cooks and for them the evening was a dream come true.  They were both able to enjoy a delicious meal with their family and, just as they were tucking in, Jamie Oliver himself came over!  He spent lots of time chatting to Sasha and Leila and both girls came away with plenty of tips for the kitchen from their culinary idol!

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