Jessi meets Keira Knightley at opening night of The Misanthrope

Jessica, aged 18, has cerebral palsy. Being sick meant that Jessica spent a lot of time bed-ridden and feeling low, but the one thing that cheered her up was watching the films of her screen idol Keira Knightley, especially Pride and Prejudice.  Jessica’s wish was to meet her heroine so Starlight organised for her to see Keira perform in The Misanthrope in London. 

As an extra surprise Keira came and met Jessica after the show and they enjoyed a long chat.  Jessica was so thrilled with her experiences that she even wrote a poem about the day!

Much more than a ‘meet and greet’
My Starlight wish was the ultimate treat.
You see – after the show,
With dear Mama in tow,
To Keira Knightley I was lucky to speak!
You might think now a strange time
For me to be writing in rhyme
But Monsieur Molière, with his savoir-faire,
He, using this style, ahead by a mile, brings a laugh and a smile
When satirising…Sir David Hare?!
Perhaps this is anachronistic,
But really it’s rather simplistic:
For without Crimp’s dare, directing our stare,
And all the cast’s care (don’t mention the hair)
Le Misanthrope might be a statistic.
2008, for me, was a really bad year medically. In pain and in fear,
I had little cheer; but along with my tears they would soon disappear.
Thanks to Keira’s portrayals ’gainst male betrayals
Which distracted my ails and very loud wails
Every day as I watched without fail.
I must say I have a strong feeling that I couldn’t have come close to healing
If not for the solace of Lizzy – with a temper that’s certainly fizzy;
And Darcy who makes me quite dizzy, I might have remained in my tizzy.
(And we mustn’t forget dear Johnny Depp
Who, on rum, can come over quite tipsy!)
Of course this was all on the screen, where ‘til now she only had been
But tonight, with delight, and a lack of stage-fright she won over Alceste like a queen.
At the end of the play, without a display, she came over to me with a stride.
She is so lovely, so natural and bubbly, my giggles I failed to hide.
We chatted like friends and, right to the end, not a trace of Prejudice or Pride.
Thank you Starlight and Keira!