Jessica’s dream bedroom is a wish come true!

Ta da! Jessica's new bedroom!

Jessica sits at her brand new deskJessica was diagnosed with Congenital Hyperinsulinism at birth and had to have her pancreas removed at a few weeks old.  Due to this Jessica needed insulin injections and became Type 1 Diabetic.  As a result, she has never known a normal healthy life.  

Despite the challenges she faces, Jessica is a very active and positive young lady, who is always smiling and never lets her condition get her down. When she grows up, Jessica’s dream is to be a Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse so that she can help other children learn to live with Diabetes.   

Jessica loves spending time with her mum and her friends and she has always wanted to make her bedroom a more comfortable and cool space where she can hang out.  When she was referred to Starlight for a wish, she asked for a bedroom makeover and, with the help of a local carpenter, Starlight created her dream bedroom! 

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