Keira Knightley grants Jessi’s wish and inspires Jessi’s impossible challenge

Jessi straightening up

Jessi learning to walk just a few weeks ago

Jessi has cerebral palsey and as a result, in 2010, she nearly gave up school. When Starlight Ambassador, Keira Knightley, granted her wish Jessi was motivated to battle on and now, three years later, Jessi is about to complete her university degree. But (with your help) Jessi now wants to give something back. Please watch the film from Jessi below … you will be amazed by her incredible personal challenge.

Despite being in a wheelchair all her life, Jessi has pledged to walk independently to collect her degree certificate when she graduates next month to raise funds for Starlight. It is an almost impossible challenge … please will you make a donation in support of Jessi? Click to support Jessi