Kieran meets a real WWE superstar!


Kieran Meets his HeroSix-year-old Kieran suffers from a serious condition called neurofibromatosis, which causes tumours to grow on the nerve tissue, and congenital pseudarthrosis, which means that he has to have a special leg brace on his leg during the day for protection against his tibia bone breaking.

Kieran has dreamt of watching live WWE and getting to meet a WWE superstar ever since enjoying it on TV. Kieran therefore decided that this would be his wish and Starlight immediately set about making his dream come true!

Starlight sent Kieran and his family to Wembley Arena where the WWE Smackdown World Tour was being held. Before the show, a very special treat had been organised for Kieran – a meeting with WWE superstar, ‘Big Show!’ To read the full story, click here.