Pop star Sophie sings for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Sophie sang for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William congratulates Sophie on her performanceWhen 10 year old Sophie made her debut as a pop star, she had no idea she’d be performing for a royal audience – HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton were guests of honour at the event!

Sophie, who is from Surrey, was diagnosed with optic glioma, a rare form of tumour on the optic nerve. Starlight transformed her wish, to be a pop star for the day, into an experience fit for a real life pop princess, complete with hair styling, a new outfit and travel by limousine.

The finale to her truly wonderful day was singing A Whole New World on stage for a very special Starlight audience. After her performance, the room erupted into a standing ovation before queues of fans formed to meet Sophie and congratulate her.

Sophie320x240Well and truly a pop star, Sophie was lucky enough to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton, who congratulated her on her performance!

Sophie’s mum said: “This was the best experience of Sophie’s life and a proud moment for the whole family. Starlight has made her wish come true.”