Poppy splashes out with the dolphins in Florida!

Poppy's Starlight wish

Poppy's Starlight wishThirteen-year-old Poppy from Surbiton suffers from an as-yet undiagnosed genetic disorder that has resulted in severe physical and learning disabilities.  Her physical problems, which are caused by neurological factors, affect Poppy from the knees down and she cannot bear weight without splints.  Her legs cause her constant pain and frequent sleepless nights.

Poppy loves swimming and animals and so her wish was to swim with dolphins in Florida.  Starlight arranged an amazing trip for the family, during which Poppy was able to swim with dolphins and meet her favourite Winnie the Pooh characters at the Magic Kingdom.  Afterwards Poppy’s mum Sarah said, “That truly was a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. What an amazing gift, with precious memories to carry with us forever.”

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