Princess Rosie’s royal day out

Like many little girls, Rosie dreams of being a princess and riding in a horse drawn carriage.

We arranged for Rosie to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in London and have a Cinderella makeover. With a wave of her Fairy Godmother’s magic wand Rosie, was transformed into a beautiful princess complete with a sparkling tiara on top of her head!

It was then time for Rosie and her mum to have lunch at The Rainforest Café and a princess should always travel in style.. as if by magic a beautiful glass carriage drawn by two white horses arrived to take Rosie and her mum to lunch. Dressed in her Cinderella dress and tiara, passers-by stopped and waved at Princess Rosie who couldn’t stop smiling.

It was really emotional and a bit surreal. The crowds cheered loudly and were taking photos, like she was famous. Rosie was really smiling, and was very happy. It was such a lovely day. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it; it was like a wedding day, when you don’t want it to end.
— Rosie’s mum said