Riley splashes out with the dolphins in Florida

Six‐year‐old Riley from Billericay suffers from nephrotic syndrome, which is a severe disorder where the filters in the kidneys become leaky and large amounts of protein leak from the blood into the urine. As a result of his condition, Riley suffers lots of pain in his legs and joints and requires lots of medication and hospital visits.

Riley’s favourite animals are dolphins – he loves that they are really playful animals and the noises that they make – and Starlight granted his wish to swim with dolphins in Florida.  Riley’s mum Tanya said, “Riley’s face was amazing when we got to Discovery Cove – he loved every minute in the water with the dolphins. We can’t thank Starlight enough for Riley’s wish ‐ it means so much to us as a family and to forget about hospitals was a huge weight lifted.”

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