Rosie’s dolphin dream comes true!

Rosie kisses a dolphin

Big smiles all round as Rosie swims with dolphins at Discovery CoveFourteen year old Rosie Hodgson suffers from lymphoedema, which is an obstruction of the lymphatic system, and Gorham’s disease (also known as disappearing bones disease), which is a rare skeletal condition.  Although she is a very bright, bubbly girl, Rosie has had to face many challenges as a result of her condition. 

Rosie’s favourite animals are dolphins and it has always been her dream to swim with them. Rosie’s mother Tina told Starlight, “My hopes for Rosie are that she is able to lead a good life and accomplish her dreams. A Starlight wish would be a great boost for her after everything she has been through.” 

Starlight arranged an amazing holiday in Florida for Rosie and her family and during the trip she was able to enjoy an unforgettable swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove.  

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