Shade takes to the stage with West End wish!

Shade du Plessis

11/01/12 – Thirteen year old Shade du Plessis has had her wish to see The Lion King, a show close to her African heart, and go backstage afterwards granted by Starlight.

In January 2011 Shade was diagnosed with an ovarian dysgerminoma, which means she had a large tumour growing on her left ovary.  She underwent several rounds of chemotherapy to shrink the tumour and then surgery to remove the tumour as well as her left ovary.

While being treated at University College Hospital in London, Shade was referred to Starlight by her CLIC Sargent nurse for a once-in-a-lifetime wish.  Shade, who has a multitude of interests and hobbies including drama, circus art, swimming and ice skating, is very creative and asked to see a West End show and have a backstage tour.

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