Shay’s dream day as a rock star

Shay and his Dad in Wunjo guitars

Shay is shown the effects of the guitar pedalShay suffers from a very rare life‐limiting condition called Pearson Marrow Pancreas Syndrome, which is caused by a deletion in mitochondrial DNA. Pearson Syndrome is very rare, with less than one hundred cases reported worldwide. 

As a result of his illness, Shay has never known a life without hospital appointments, tests and treatments. Despite the challenges he faces on a daily basis, his mum Sharon says, “Shay is always smiling and laughing and it takes a lot to get him down.” 

Shay simply adores rock music and it wasn’t hard for this guitar-loving youngster to decide that his wish would be to experience a day in the life of a rock star!  Travelling around in a limo, he got to pick out his very own electric guitar at Wunjo Guitars, jammed with up-and-coming band Halfway to New York and even visited Absolute Radio and London’s Hard Rock Café! 

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