Singing Star, Lady Furious!

Shadia, whose stage name is Lady Furious, suffered from cancer. Her one wish in the world was to record one of her own songs, and her dream came true at Metropolis Group’s London recording studio, where she spent the day with top sound engineers and producers producing her first ever track Furious.

Starlight arranged two extra surprises for Shadia. The first was a day at the MTV studios where she watched a live recording, and the second was the chance to meet her idol, Ms Dynamite! Much to Shadia’s delight, Ms Dynamite stayed for more than two hours chatting and giving Shadia advice about the music industry. Shadia left the recording studio with her fist ever single and lots of goodies from Ms Dynamite.

Her dad said: “This is all she has ever wanted to do, and we are just so grateful to Starlight for making her dream come true.”