So many princesses!

Yasmin loves princesses. Her mum Claire told Starlight: “Every day she dresses up as a princess. Sometimes I find it hard to get the tiara off her head so she can get to school!”

In November 2006, Yasmin had a stomach ache and a visit to hospital brought horrifying news: she had a rare form of liver cancer that had already spread to her lungs and kidney. Yasmin was immediately put on intensive chemotherapy.

To help keep her spirits up, Starlight asked Yasmin what her greatest wish would be. She knew instantly: a visit to Disneyland to meet the princesses.

Starlight booked the trip, and while she was waiting to go, Yasmin was given the chance to meet another princess. Yasmin was invited to present a posy to HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, who was opening the new grandstand at the Epsom Derby. Yasmin bravely stepped out in front of a wall of photographers to meet the Duchess. Claire said: “Today is a real dream come true for Yasmin. We are all so excited!”

The trip to Disneyland was also a great success, and Yasmin’s dream of meeting the special Disney princesses came true.