Soldier Dominic stands to attention

Army-mad Dominic was four years old when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. It was the start of three-and-a-half long years of treatment.

Starlight made sure that Dominic, his brother Alex, and his mum and dad all had a wonderful day experiencing his wish to be a soldier.

Dominic’s mum Suzanne said: “Within a few minutes of arriving at the barracks, the boys disappeared before reappearing dressed head to toe in proper army kit! They even had their berets on. It was a brilliant start to an incredible day riding in tanks (the boys even drove one) and army trucks. They also helped mechanics to fix a broken tank… well, Alex tried to push this enormous broken tank — we were all laughing so much!

“One of their favourite bits was eating in the main canteen with all the soldiers. It felt so special to be part of the team.” She added: “Without doubt, Starlight made all of Dominic’s dreams come to life.”