Sophie met Chelsea

Sophie, who is from Bideford in North Devon, has had her dearest wish granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation: to meet the Chelsea team and watch a live game. Sophie has always been a huge Chelsea fan, and she has spent many happy hours watching matches with her dad, who is also a huge fan.

Sadly Sophie has been diagnosed with ME, which means that she becomes very tired very quickly, and she was also diagnosed with a tumour behind her knee in September 2007. Brave Sophie is currently in the middle of an intensive chemotherapy program.

As soon as Starlight heard about football mad Sophie’s wish to meet the Chelsea team they immediately set about arranging it, and in May 2009, Sophie was at Stamford Bridge at the Blackburn v Chelsea match. Sophie got to watch the game, and she also got to meet the players, which made it the most amazing day for Sophie.