Stargazing with Prof Brian Cox

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour, seventeen year old George had to have neurosurgery to remove the cancer, followed by months of grueling treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Thankfully George is now recovering and has returned to school, although the first few weeks were very tough. A keen student, his brain cannot absorb information the way it used to, which has been difficult to come to terms with.

George’s greatest wish was to visit a working observatory, so Starlight arranged for a private visit to the Greenwich Observatory. The family was greeted by Dr Marek Kukula, who worked on the Hubble Telescope space project.

They were then joined by celebrity physicist Professor Brian Cox, who spent some time chatting with George about the cosmos and showing him clips from his new show, Stargazing LIVE.

Greenwich even opened up the massive telescope especially for George and gave him the controls to operate the enormous piece of equipment. George said his whole family had a wonderful time – and his chemistry class was very jealous of his meeting with Professor Brian Cox!