Strictly – Come Dancing, Izzy!

Izzy is seven years old and has been undergoing months of intense radiotherapy and high risk chemotherapy since being diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in 2009.

She wrote to Starlight in 2010 to tell us about her greatest wish – to have her very own ballroom dress like the ones on Strictly Come Dancing. “My favourite colour is purple, I love sparkly things and my favourite thing to do is go shoe shopping!” she added.

When Izzy was very unwell, her way of escaping was to watch Strictly Come Dancing with her family and admire all the beautiful dresses, especially the swirly ones!
Starlight arranged a fabulous weekend in London for Izzy and her family, starting with a visit to a very special shop – Dance Sport International in Croydon, where all the Strictly dresses are made.

Izzy’s little face lit up with joy when her very own, very beautiful dress – all purple and sparkly and swirly – was revealed and she was invited to try it on. The dress fitted perfectly and she stole the attention of everyone in the shop as she came out of the dressing room, dancing and spinning around in front of the huge mirror. A very magical moment – the photos below hardly do it justice!
To complete her dazzling outfit, Izzy was allowed to choose a pair of shoes to go with her dress, ready for a behind-the-scenes tour of the workroom where the beautiful Strictly dresses are made.