The Grants granted Elena’s wish

When Elena was asked what her greatest wish in the world was, she knew straight away: to meet her idols David and Carrie Grant, a duo most famously known for their work on the talent-searching hit TV show, Fame Academy.

Having been diagnosed with a brain stem tumour in 2003, it was Elena’s turn to enjoy a magical Starlight wish!

Driven in style in a limousine, Elena and her family enjoyed lots of time with David and Carrie before dining at London’s Rainforest Café. To top everything off, they all enjoyed the West End show The Lion King, and David even arranged for special goody bags to be left for Elena and her family at the theatre!

Elena’s mum, Lisa, said to Starlight: “It was one of the best days of our lives. It was just fantastic to see Elena’s dreams coming true. Words cannot express how wonderful Carrie and David Grant were and how much hope they gave all of us.”

Carrie Grant added: “We believe dreams can come true, and when they do, they have an amazing impact on a person’s outlook. Imagine then the impact a dream coming true could have on a child who is suffering. For us it goes much deeper than just treating an individual; although that’s great fun, it’s really about the continued effect that it can have after we’ve gone.”