Toby’s Magical Harry Potter Tour

Seven-year-old Toby recently had his dearest wish to visit the Harry Potter Studios granted by Starlight.

In May 2014, Toby was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare cancer of the lymphatic system. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy, Toby spent five months living in the hospital and was unfortunately left blind after the disease damaged his optic nerves.

Toby adores animals and loves to spend time listening to audio books on his MP3 player; his absolute favourites are the Harry Potter stories!

So when Toby was referred to Starlight for a wish he knew exactly what he would choose – a visit to Harry Potter World at Warner Bros. Studios in London.

On arrival, Toby and his family and were greeted by their own personal tour guide. Toby was even allowed behind the red rope, allowing him to touch all of the props.

Toby was particularly excited when he and his brothers were supplied with delicious Butter Beer (non-alcoholic of course!) and three personalised goody bags! He said, “The goody bags were great, my Harry Potter wand was my favourite and I loved trying the Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans.”

After an extensive tour and much excitement, Toby and his family returned home. Melinda said, “The boys couldn’t stop talking about their Harry Potter experience! We’re so grateful to Starlight for giving us this magical memory!