Why our Relationship Manager's work is so important

Meet Natalie!

She's a qualified health play specialist and managed a play team for nine years before joining Starlight as the Relationship Manager, bringing heaps of knowledge and experience. This year, Natalie set up the Health Play Champions network with over 94 champions across 78 healthcare settings in the UK.

👉 What is the Health Play Champions network?

“Advocating for play in a busy healthcare setting can be hard work and lonely when you’re fighting for the resources and opportunities to just do your job. Starlight’s resources were invaluable to me and my team when I was working as a health play specialist.

Like many hospitals across the country, we didn’t have a play budget so relied on the donations from Starlight. The resources helped me feel supported and less alone. We have now taken this support one step further by introducing the Health Play Champions.

We hold networking groups and training sessions and we involve the Champions in our service development, testing out our latest play resources to ensure they’re accessible and appropriate.”

👉 Why is this work so important?

“The community of Health Play Champions connect and learn from each other in a space that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them. Hearing from professionals from all over the country in different stages of their careers means they can share problems and hear other perspectives. Together, they’re empowering one another to advocate for play and improve industry standards.

Moving forward, we want to continue expanding the Health Play Champions network to include other healthcare professionals who want to protect play. We want to empower the many healthcare professionals that advocate for play.”