2018 Miles in 2018

Jason running group

A massive thank you to Jason, one of our Starlight Superstars, who took on the incredible challenge of running 2018 miles in 2018.

Jason first took on the challenge, starting 1st January 2017, of running everyday with the aim of reaching 2017 miles in the year.

Having successfully completed this you’d think Jason would have enjoyed a well-earned rest, but determined to push himself ever further, he was straight into his next challenge on 1st January 2018! Taking on his second consecutive 365 challenge with the aim of running 2018 miles in 2018.

So after another year of tireless training, by December 31st 2018 Jason had taken on a staggering 730 consecutive days of running and a total of 4035 miles over the two years!

“Looking forward, I’m hoping to continue this into 2019 and aim to complete 1000 consecutive runs and raise as much as I can for Starlight.”

Jason has taken on these incredible challenges of endurance with the aim of raising as much as he can for Starlight. Running in memory of his father and sister, he understands firsthand the importance of creating unforgettable moments and memories to cherish for children and their families.

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