Read 10-year-old Sfiyah's poem, which she wrote herself and bravely read aloud at the New West End Company event after the Oxford Lights switch on. Sfiyah has JIA, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. 


Christmas Day has finally come,

The streets are full of happiness and fun.

But in my house the mood is glum,

The magic of Christmas has not comme.

I lie in pain, my skin so sore,

My family are worried as my joints hurt more.

The mood is frantic as I'm taken into hospital,

The doctor's come around me to make sense of it all.

In my hospital bed, it wasn't much fun,

As I think of my presents, dinner and no games to be won.

My family are worried and want me better at home,

Christmas is ruined and they are at home, full of woes.

But one day a smile comes to play,

But who is that....John the Therapist that plays.

At first I saw him and wanted to hide away,

But (he) made me smile with fun and play.

The days became fun, then I got better and went home,

But John has stayed by my side and showed me that I'm not alone.

Thank You Starlight you have been Great,

Because of your kindness and John, I now have Faith.

I will become strong one day and live alongside my JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) and I will always

remember this Special Day.

Thank You Starlight, by Sfiyah Khan.