Starlight and Appco UK Ltd


As a charity reliant on the support of the public to deliver our services for seriously ill children across the UK, we need to carry out fundraising campaigns. Private site fundraising is an established and cost effective method of raining both awareness and funds, and Appco UK have proven to deliver highly effective and successful campaigns, generating long term, high value support for their charity partners.

Starlight are testing the method of fundraising, and we’re monitoring the generated income very closely to establish its success to deliver vital long term, sustainable funds, to change the lives of children living with a serious illness across the UK.

We are working closely with Appco UK to ensure the campaign is run to a high standard, and to make sure that fundraisers are positive ambassadors of Starlight, and that they are fully trained and equipped with the appropriate resources and materials. We’re always happy to hear feedback about your experiences with our fundraisers, so please do contact us on if you have any feedback or questions.

Appco UK Ltd (APPCO) is a professional fundraiser and is paid a fee for raising money for Starlight Children´s Foundation (the Charity). Under the requirements of the Charities Act 1992 (as amended) APPCO is required to inform you that APPCO is paid an estimated fee of £207,183.14 (the Notifiable Amount) for this appeal and expects to raise approximately £548,174 over the next five years.

The Notifiable Amount is determined by:

  •  multiplying the value of the annual donation which the Charity is seeking to raise from each new donor by three (the minimum number of years for which the Charity believes that you will continue to make your donation)
  •  multiplying the minimum donation amount by not more than 43.33% (the greater the value of your donation the lower the percentage charged (the lowest percentage is 33.33%)); and
  • multiplying the resulting amount by the number of new donors the Charity is seeking to recruit to obtain the amount specified above; and
  • adding the cost of any printing or data charges which APPCO undertakes of the Charity save for any print costs.

APPCO only retains payment in respect of a donor once that donor has made their first donation by applying the above formula to the donations received. The Notifiable Amount may be reduced in the event of the failure of regular donations within the first three months of the donation programme.