How to hold a successful Starlight Cake Bake

Choose a time and venue

This could be at your home or at work. Pick a location that’s easy to get to or one that a lot of people pass through like the reception area at work. If you’re holding an office cake bake, consider having it on Monday so people have the weekend to bake.

Spread the word

Invite friends, family and colleagues. Create a Facebook event to help get the word out and recruit others to help you bake. Ask people what they’re baking so you have lots of variety at your bake sale. Don’t forget to pin up your bake sale posters to remind people when and where the event is taking place.

Ask for money

Display a suggested donation for each item. Print off our donation labels (found at the back of the pack) and stick them to a jam jar to use as a donation box. You can also help boost your fundraising by holding raffles and competitions that week e.g. the best cake selfie or guess how many sweets are in the jar.

Have your cake and eat it!

Enjoy tucking into a slice of cake and share photos of your bake sale with Starlight on Instagram and Twitter at @starlight_uk #StarlightCakeBake

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