Starlight Boost Boxes

The Starlight Boost Box is filled with toys, games and arts and crafts for medical staff to give out to patients who are in need of comforting, distracting or cheering up.

The Starlight Boost Box is sent out to hospitals and hospices four times throughout the year so that their teams have always got something on hand to give out to children in need of a boost, for example upon admission or after an operation.

Having items to give to the children when they have been brave is a lovely thing to be able to do and also has an effect on how they feel about coming back to see us.
— Alison Parkes – Phlebotomy Co-ordinator, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

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Boost Box Application Form

Starlight Boost Boxes are allocated in accordance with the number of patients each hospice/ hospital ward/ department sees, but please note that the supply of Boost Boxes is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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