Play is not a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a must have

Young people like Frankie need play to help them undergo traumatic operations and procedures. Will you donate today to help transform more children’s lives, like Frankie?

Play transformed Frankie's life in just six months

Eight-year-old Frankie has a rare condition that requires countless interventions. Before her health play specialist stepped in, everything was to be done under general anaesthetic.

Frankie will always be in a hospital setting due to her condition. Both her family and health play specialist have been working with her through play to ensure she is calmer in situations that cause anxieties.

To know our child can now lay in a scanner without panicking and moving due to distress is amazing and means she can spend less time in a hospital setting

Frankie's mum

Within months with her health play specialist, Jaimie-Lee using play to build trust, Frankie was transformed.

“Every child we work with is different, and we need to treat them differently. For Frankie, she needed to know what was happening – and when. Knowing she could trust me really calmed her down.

The specialist training and play resources from Starlight have all been so useful. They are especially important when it comes to really challenging situations like Frankie’s.” Jamie-Lee, Health Play Specialist.

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Will you donate today to help transform more children’s lives, like Frankie?

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