Starlight Wishes

We grant personalised wishes for children who are suffering from a life-threatening or life-shortening illness. When granting a wish, we aim to restore the magic and fun of childhood and create happy memories for the whole family to share.

Starlight Wishes empower young people by giving them the opportunity to make a choice at a time when most decisions are made for them, whether it’s meeting an astronaut, getting a new computer, becoming a princess or going on a great adventure!

It has been two months since my Starlight wish and I still get butterflies whenever I think about it. Thank you so much for giving me the best day of my life.
— Jessica, 16, who wished to watch The X Factor live and meet the judges

A wish is more than something to look forward to; Starlight Wishes can have a transformative effect on the whole family.

Wherever possible, we like to involve the whole family in a child’s wish as we know that each and every family member is impacted by a child’s illness.