Amy Tackles Very First Marathon with Team Starlight

Amy Jamieson has always been a go-getter. A regular at charity runs, a hardworking A&E nurse, and a dedicated mum, Amy is excited but nervous to tackle her very first marathon as part of Team Starlight.

As an A&E nurse, Amy sees firsthand how important and powerful play can be for a seriously ill child’s experience in hospital. Her hospital’s Play Team have done an exceptional job for the children on the ward and in A&E. Amy regularly uses Starlight’s Distraction Boxes to provide distraction and escapism to the children she works with throughout their time in hospital.

These resources help Amy and her colleagues provide a sense of normality for the children they care for. Play helps Amy build trust with the children she works with enabling her to carry out potentially painful or stress-inducing procedures. It also helps the children continue to laugh and smile even during tough and overwhelming situations.

In my A&E, we are so reliant on our Starlight Distraction Boxes to provide play for the children we care for. The work Starlight does for children in hospital is invaluable to us as nurses.


Despite her nerves, Amy is very excited to run for Team Starlight in the 2022 London Marathon. Not only will Amy cross off a major bucket list item, but she hopes to also inspire her daughter and show her that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

We’re so inspired by Amy’s story and dedication to running for Starlight. The money she raises will help us continue protecting play for hospitals like Amy’s across the UK.

We can’t wait to cheer you on as you cross the iconic finish line in October, Amy!

If you would like to donate to Amy’s JustGiving page, please follow the button below.