Thirteen year old Seán was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of three. His parents first took him to the hospital after noticing that Seán had become insatiably hungry and thirsty and was experiencing mood swings and difficulty with coordination.

Because Seán was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at such a young age, his development was affected. Seán’s fine motor skills were weak, his muscle development was hindered, and he needed speech therapy.

Seán’s condition has a big impact on day-to-day life for his family, which is why opportunities and to play and have fun together are so important for them.

Play opportunities with Starlight allow him to make friends, meet others with similar interests and have time away from the pressures of day to day life living with additional needs.

Steven, Seán's dad

Type 1 diabetes means that Seán and his family have to constantly monitor his blood glucose levels. But making time for play means that there’s also have plenty of opportunity for Seán and his siblings to have fun together.

Starlight has been there to support Seán and his family since he was diagnosed.

From our in-hospital resources such as video game consoles and toys to our Starlight Days, Escapes, and Breaks, Seán and his family have had Starlight’s support from very early on.

Seán and his family joined us at our Starlight Gaming Day earlier this year. During the event, Seán and his family were able to leave their day-to-day worries at the door and have fun playing video games with each other. They were able to to meet new friends who understand what it’s like to live with lifelong conditions and to and make wonderful new memories.

We would like to thank everyone who supports Starlight as these opportunities have helped Seán appreciate he is not alone; given him opportunities to have a break from day to day life and helped us make a lot of happy memories!

Steven, Seán's dad

Through our Events and Experiences, Starlight provides Seán, and many other children like him, with opportunities to make memories, meet new friends with similar interests, and simply relax and have fun away from medical settings.

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