Finding inspiration from his adventurous Uncle Phil, one of the Atlantic Flyers who rowed 3,000 km across the Atlantic, Jack decided to take on his very own challenge to raise money for Starlight.

For his challenge, Jack wanted to imitate his uncle and tackle his own series of physical challenges. From running to jumping to doing some push ups, Jack spent a weekend completing various challenges leading up to the grand finale. In record time, Jack carried his baby brother whilst running 100 laps around his garden to round out his challenge for Starlight!

Raising money for Starlight is important because you are helping children that are poorly have fun and have something good to do like the Summer Festival!


At the end of his challenge, Jack raised £285 for Starlight. This money will help us provide entertainment and distraction to children in hospitals across the UK through our play boxes and various events.

Jack loved completing his challenge for Starlight so much, he’s decided to tackle even more challenges this year. Each challenge will be dedicated to a charity that has a special meaning to Jack. We’re so proud of Jack for following in his uncle’s footsteps, taking on his very own challenge, and raising money to help us provide play to hospitals across the UK.

Download our fundraising guide below and get inspired for your own challenge!