Whilst attending a course for Minor Injuries and Illnesses in Children at UWE, Lauren first learnt how important play and distraction can be for assessing, treating and performing investigations on children. The lecturer emphasised the power play has for seriously ill children in hospital. During this lecture, she was first introduced to the role Starlight plays in promoting the importance of play for all seriously ill children.

After the course, Lauren applied for a Starlight Distraction Box and was able to apply what she learned from the lecture to how she interacted with the children she works with as a Nurse Practitioner in an Urgent Treatment Centre. The Distraction Box changed the way she worked with the children who came to her hospital, and has since been a passionate ambassador for Starlight striving to promote play in all hospitals.

Since her first Distraction Box, Starlight has donated many toys, activities, and even a Nintendo Switch. Lauren’s hospital will also receive funding from Starlight to get a Rockin’ R gaming cart to keep their Nintendo Switch console and games safe.

I think play is important in any part of a child's hospital journey because it creates a positive, less scary environment for them.


Because she has seen firsthand the difference distraction and play can have on a child’s hospital experience, Lauren has decided to compete in a 10 km Tough Mudder race this upcoming May to raise money for Starlight.

Even though she is not the biggest fan of running, Lauren is ready to tackle the 20 obstacles and the 10 km so that she can raise as much money as she can for the seriously ill children and hospitals Starlight supports throughout the UK. If you’d like to donate to Lauren’s JustGiving page, click the button below.

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