When Cameron was just 15 days old, a brain scan found that he has a rare congenital condition called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. Combined with his Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, Cameron has such complex needs that he is entirely dependent on others for his care. He has visual impairment, low muscle tone, poor motor coordination and global developmental delay.

But despite his conditions, Cam is generally a very happy, smiley little boy.

In December 2021, Cam joined Starlight for a Starlight Break at Brickhouse Farms in Blackpool along with his mum, dad, and two sisters. During this trip, Cam and his family stayed in a fully accessible cottage and enjoyed much-needed respite from the daily realities of illness and treatment.

They enjoyed arts and crafts sessions and visiting Sea Life Blackpool for a magical day at the aquarium. But mum, Sarah, says the highlight of the holiday for Cam were visits to Brickhouse Farms’ sensory room.

Experiences like this are helpful as it gives us a break from our day-to-day life, which can be very medical. It makes a huge difference to our lives to not only be able to do something as an entire family, but to do something that includes Cam fully.

Sarah, Cameron's mum

In the sensory room, Cam was able to connect with the world through play despite his complex needs. He loved relaxing on the waterbed, watching the colourful flashing lights, laughing at the strange noises coming from the sound tubes, and interacting with unusually textured objects.

Sarah says that Cam’s favourite part of the experience was playing with the bubble tubes. Watching Cam’s face light up with fascination and delight was a special moment for her.

What Starlight did for Cameron was amazing. He absolutely loved the sensory room!

Sarah, Cam's mum

Children like Cam can’t play in the same way as children with less complex needs, so access to the world of sensory play is vital. Sensory play helps children like Cam make the most of the senses they have to interact with the world.

With the NHS stretched to breaking point, Starlight is committed to getting more of our Sensory Play resources like our Rhino Sensory Voyager and Sensory Boxes out to children’s wards.

Please will you join us in ensuring more children like Cam can enjoy sensory play?