Eva was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a type of kidney cancer that mainly affects children, in March 2016. She underwent an operation to remove the tumour and her right kidney, and following surgery, Eva spent several weeks in hospital undergoing chemotherapy. Thankfully Eva’s treatment was successful, and she is now in remission.

During their time in hospital, Eva and her mum Jill made sure they treasured every moment together and focused on making the best out of a bad situation. They would paint their nails, have late night sweet snacks, and watch films together.

Play is extremely important as it takes your mind off the daily challenges you face. Keeping the mind active and busy helps to distract you from the physical and neurological pain that is experienced with many illnesses. It also brings a little sunshine to a rainy day!

Jill, Eva's mum

Eva and Jill first heard about Starlight during these weeks spent in hospital. In December 2017, Starlight granted Eva a wish to go to Disneyland Paris where Eva and her family had a magical time and made some treasured family memories.

With the rollout of Starlight’s new Children Services in 2021, Eva had the opportunity to attend our very first Starlight Break to Alton Towers. During the trip, Eva was able to meet other children who had also been diagnosed with a serious illness. Having the chance to meet families who understand what they’ve gone through, whilst also having a fun weekend at Alton Towers was incredibly special for both Eva and Jill.

It's easier for us to make friends at a Starlight event because all of the families we meet here understand how precious your children are to you and the severity of what you've been through.

Jill, Eva's mum

At Starlight, we believe it’s equally important to provide opportunities of play outside of the hospital as it is to provide play inside the hospital. By hosting Starlight Escapes, Days and Breaks throughout the year, our Starlight families and children can leave the stresses of hospitals and hospices behind.

These experiences and events are open to families that include a child or young person living with a serious illness. Read more about our services and find out how to apply by clicking the button below.